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DUF 2018 “Cultura Sin Fronteras”

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  • $90.00Begins: January 15, 2018
    Ends: February 14, 2018
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    Ends: March 14, 2018
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DUF 2018 Workshops

Selection Guidelines





MARCH 23, 24 & 25


Workshops:  Reagan Educational Center, 2940 East Leonard Avenue, Clovis, CA  93619 (aka Clovis East HS & Reyburn MS)

Concerts:  Warnors Center for the Performing Arts, 1400 Fulton Street Fresno, CA  93721

DUF 2018 is pleased to announce workshop offerings and Maestros.  Whether you are enrolling one student or many, you must first create a username and password.  If you are using your profile and student list from last year, please ensure that you update the list AND t-shirt sizes BEFORE enrolling in classes.  If you forgot your information from last year, simply click “forgot password” button.  The following list can be used as a guide in selecting a DUF workshop.


Please note:  All classes are listed here.  At the time of your enrollment, ONLY THE AVAILABLE OPEN CLASSES will be listed as options.



  • When you enroll to participate in a DUF 2018 workshop, you will be signing up for one workshop. This will be your workshop for the weekend. Workshops are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. During the enrollment process, you will be notified if a workshop is full.
  • Enrollments are non-transferable and non-refundable.  NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  We encourage you to enroll early, because we fully anticipate to reach workshop capacity in advance of enrollment deadline.
  • All participants must check the box and agree to the terms outlined in the WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY in order to complete online enrollment. In addition, all participants under the age of 18 must present a hardcopy of the signed WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY onsite at DUF 2018 in order to receive enrollment materials and participate in DUF 2018 activities. Parents of minors, must name a chaperone and provide a primary phone number in case of an emergency. Group directors should obtain these signatures and deliver them to registration.

DUF 2018 offers 65 movement sessions divided by age and level.

Following is a complete listing of class offerings for DUF 2018.  At the time that you register, only the classes that have not been filled will pop up on your screen as ‘available’.  Classes have a limited capacity and are all filled, first-come, first-served.  In the following sections, Featured Classes are listed first and each class will list the requirements. Classes in this section include multi-disciplinary, non-movement and multi-level courses.  These are followed by the movement classes detailed by age and dance level.  Students in Grades 5th and above must present their school or government issued ID upon check-in to DUF 2018 to participate in a workshop.


Featured Classes accommodate the need for classes which combine multiple disciplines and the specific areas that our folklorico community needs assistance with.  Please check the listing for each class to determine if you meet the criteria.

Folklorico for Veteran Adults Ages 40+

Instructor:  Dr. Maria Guadalupe Castro Paramo

Danzantes Unidos is honored to welcome back Dr. Maria Guadalupe Castro Paramo as a featured DUF 2018 Maestra. This class is designed for Veteran Folklorico Dancers ages 40+, regardless of present technical level.

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There is a great difference between the populations that conform folk dance groups of young people and those of the senior dancers that are beginning to spring up in many communities. The needs and expectations are radically different.  For the senior dancers the time for rehearsals and performances is more limited. Physical and mental abilities are somewhat diminished, although life experience greatly compensates the deficiencies in certain areas of this art form. Finally, senior dancers are faced with issues that include family, work, economy, and health, that younger dancers do not have to consider.

On the other hand, the benefits for the dancer are many and varied; beginning with the most obvious: exercise in a fun way, and with an objective that goes beyond the sole lose of weight—the public performance. Other benefits include: to raise self image, create a new social network  based in a common interest in this art form; and in general stimulate brain functions.  The format of a group of senior dancers creates, and reinforces the very reason for its existence.  In other words, a folk dance group of seniors is as  viable as that of youngsters, both in terms of the point of view of the dancer, as that of the viewer who enjoys the performance, but emphasizing dignity and elegance vs. explosive energy.  The love for the activity is clearly the same among the two different groups.  These factors, then, determine the particular selection of the repertory, the rehearsals and the performance.  Therefore, this workshop with begin with a brief discussion of the philosophy, organization and choices that will  form the base, and will enhance the participation of the members in a group of this type. 

To summarize, the workshop will cover two areas:  1) A repertoire specially selected for this group, and 2)  Discussion of the reasons why to form a group of this type in one’s own community, and how to organize it’s functions.

Usually the repertoire for this workshop is selected in advance, but in this case enrollees will be allowed 3 different options:

  1. Michoacan
  1. Jarabe Michoacano
  2. Dime Morenita Mia
  3. Juan Colorado
  1. Nacional
  1. Aires Yucatecos  (Yucatan)
  2. Huerfanito (Tamaulipas)
  3. Lloron  (Chiapas)
  1. A combination selected by the participants.

With so many retired dancers, all communities should have one such a group.  The love for the activity does not die with age.

Please note: All participants must arrive in proper dance attire. Men will need to bring their boots and paliacate. Women will need to bring their shoes, practice skirt and paliacate.  All students should bring a notebook and writing instrument.  No cell phones, please.

Folklorico Fun – Parent & Child (Ages 3-5)

Instructors:  Irvind Garcia & Melissa Somoza

Join your child on a musical dance journey as they learn unique musical rhythms, are introduced to imitative dance movements and practice school readiness skills.

Coupled with hands-on arts activities, this “parent and me” workshop introduces the youngest members of the folklorico community to Mexican folk dance movement and music. This workshop is perfect for beginner dancers. Every student must be accompanied by a parent or chaperone.  Students are requested to bring their favorite nap blanket and stuffed animal.  Adults may bring theirs also.

Note: Please register only the child.  Parents are allowed a “free pass” for class, but we do ask your cooperation in purchasing your own Concert Showcase tickets. Before 2/12, you may purchase a Showcase Bundle for $40.  After 2/13, individual tickets are $15 per night, plus service fee.

“Sew Much Fun” Folklorico Sewing Class (Ages 14+)

Instructor: Alicia Mendibles

Director & Designer Alicia Mendibles, Paso de Oro Dance Company; 5x winner of Best Costume Design Award leads you through “Sew Much Fun!” Learn to make costumes from pattern to sewing! Make a practice skirt in half the time! Learn sewing short cuts that will cut your work time in half. Sew smarter not harder. You will start from making your own pattern to having a finished piece: Jalisco blouse and a practice skirt.

Please bring (checklist):
__portable sewing machine
__15 yds of 50/50 poly/cotton fabric (broadcloth) for blouse and skirt
__trim for blouse: 3 ribbon colors 1 inch wide–5 yds each & 3 ribbon colors 5/8 wide–10 yds each & 10 yds of 1 1/2 wide flat ribbon
__20 inch zipper or one yard of velcro
__trim for practice skirt: 1 inch ribbon 12 yds.
__tools for patterns: pencils, tailor chalk, fabric pattern weights, measuring tape, scissors for fabric; scissors for paper; tracing wheel; stapler and staples; 18 inch clear ruler; seam ripper; markers: black, red, green and blue.

Space-permitting, group directors registering more than ten members, qualify for a ‘free pass’ to attend this class for themselves or a designated representative. It will be YOUR responsibility to contact to obtain the pass code and register for this class before it fills up.

Veracruz Jarana y Fandango (music & dance)

Instructor: Alfredo “Godo” Herrera

This class is for ALL level dancers ages 14+ and will feature tecnica de zapateado in the improvisational style most commonly seen at a “fandango”. Repertoire will include a son de monton, son de pareja and a specialty dance. Son Jarocho is a musical tradition from the South of Veracruz, Mexico, that encompasses poetic lyricism, improvisation and dance. It was formed in the melding of Arab-Spanish, African and indigenous Mexican cultures. Son Jarocho is played at fandangos; important community celebrations where people come together to prepare food, dance, sing and play music, often all night long.

This class is also open to musicians who wish to expand their repertoire of chord and strum patterns. Musicians should have a basic knowledge of chord progressions and must bring their own jarana or guitarra de son.

The word Zapateado describes the percussive footwork central to the fandango and the music of Son Jarocho. Zapateado is performed on a tarima, a wooden dance platform that is itself considered one of the principal instruments of the fandango. In this class, you will learn basic steps that define each of the sones that are played in the fandango. You will learn repiqueteos (hard percussive footwork), cepillados (soft brush steps and patterns) and mudanzas (signature sequence of steps) for each son. Finally, you will learn to improvise steps and step patterns.

Theater Dance Drama (Ages 18+) – Class Canceled

DUF 2018 announces that Maestra Soto has a work conflict and will not be able to join us to teach this class.  Students enrolled in this workshop are eligible to transfer to any class (within their age level) that was OPEN on the date of their original registration.  Students will be contacted by by email to arrange for transfer.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Instructor: Blanca Soto

“Historias y leyendas de México a travez de la danza- escénica” Maestra Blanca Soto will present a multi-disciplinary approach to staging “Stories and Legends of Mexico Through Theater Dance”. How will you tell your story? Which elements are necessary? Where does one begin? A different type of workshop; this class is a place where creativity and imagination combine with music and dance to uniquely express the history, myths & legends of Mexico.

All you need is dedication, love and deliverance! Mark your legacy. Class will include: history, dance, theater & poetry. This class is recommended for students ages 18+, with a minimum of 3 years of experience.

Una Historia, un mito o una leyenda…como contarla ? Que elementos usar? Como comenzar? Un taller diferente; donde la Creatividad e imaginación combinada con la música y la danza pueden contar las historias, mitos y leyendas de México de manera única.

Solo hay que poner dedicación, amor y entrega! Deja tu legado con sello propio. Taller incluye Historia, danza, teatro y poesía. Para mayores de 18 años con experiencia dancistica minima de tres años.

Folklorico Media (Ages 14+)

Instructor: Antonio Sarabia

It is our story, our history, that gives meaning to our art and ignites our passion to continue its practice. Folklorico Media Workshop is a new initiative by Danzantes Unidos meant to encourage participants to take full advantage of technology and various media platforms to promote their passion for dance, tell their stories and share their art. The class to be taught by Antonio Sarabia at Danzantes Unidos Festival 2017 is a general overview of the creative principles used to produce effective multimedia and marketing materials. Topics include basic design principles, developing a strong Folklorico group identity, video storytelling, creating a social media presence and taking advantage of technology to produce impactful media on a tight budget.

The class will have two parts: Saturday’s session will focus on the theory and an overview of best practices. Sunday’s session will be the practical application of these principles where students will get to apply what they learned to either document the Danzantes Festival itself, or work on a specific project for their own group.

No prior technical knowledge is required, but an open mind and willingness to take on a challenge is a must. Laptops and some type of video recording device are recommended. Helpful tools if you have have access to them: Adobe Photoshop. iMac with iMovie. DSLR camera. Not required, but we will be talking about these resources.

Space-permitting, group directors registering more than ten members, qualify for a ‘free pass’ to attend this class for themselves or a designated representative.  It will be YOUR responsibility to contact to obtain the pass code and register for this class before it fills up.

Latin Rhythms (Teens & Adults, Ages 14+)

Instructor: Alejandro Rey

Come learn the skills and techniques of today’s most popular Latin dances! This course will focus on the music and dances from the island nations of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Move to the vibrant sounds of Bachata, Merengue and Salsa, plus learn how and why these dances will complement you as a performer in other styles as well.

This fun course will be taught by Alejandro Rey, a 6-Time Bachata Champion who has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, North America and South America to share his passion for Latin dancing.

Discover Latin dances, including salsa, bachata and merengue in this fun, high-energy workshop. Participants learn the basic techniques of these dances, such as timing, partnering, footwork and styling. This workshop incorporates dance techniques that students can apply to their folklorico training, performance and social dancing.



Instructor:  David Texomazatl Vargas

This dynamic class will introduce students to Aztec dance, drumming, language and indigenous culture. This class is for intermediate level dancers with three years of folklorico dancing experience that are interested in learning a different type of dance discipline that will complement and enhance their current dance training.

This dance form is pre-Columbian and based on movements found within nature. Students will learn how to dance AND drum two traditional Aztec Dances; Tlaloc- the dance of the rain, and Tonatiuh, the dance of the Sun.

The class will begin with a short introduction of Aztec dance history, meaning and symbolism, introduction of musical instruments and use of Nauhatl (Aztec language) words and names. Students will then be led through a series of warm-up body calisthenics, followed by dance techniques including footwork, timing, and styling drills, and drumming techniques including timing, rhythm, and playing of musical percussion instruments that synchronize with dance steps.

If time allows, additional dances and drum beats will be covered based on the capacity of students to master basic class material. All students will participate in a final presentation and perform dances with accompanying drumming for the DUF Class Recital on Sunday.

Folklorico 101 – Basics for Beginners (Ages 14+)

Instructor: Rosemarie Olais Pantoja

Designed to focus on simplifying Mexican folk dance movement, this workshop is perfect for teens and adults with less than one year of experience. Educators and young directors who teach adults at the beginner’s level may find this workshop beneficial.

Bailes de Tabla – Music & Dance from La Region Mariachera (Ages 14+)

Instructor:  Pablo Gómez

DUF 2018 Bailes de Tabla – Music & Dance from La Región Mariachera

Instructor: Pedro Gómez

This class will focus on ‘bailes de tabla’ (aka tarima or artesa) AND the music of the western region of Mexico; what Dr. Jesus Jauregui calls “el nucleo mariachero”. This region includes the music of Michoacan (tierra caliente arpa grande), Jalisco, Colima, and Nayarit. The instruments that form the traditional ensemble are:  violin, vihuela, guitarra de golpe, arpa grande, guitarron, and of course, the tarima. The trumpet can be allowed, but with some reservation.

This class will focus mainly on the seisquíaltera* from southern Jalisco and Tierra Caliente Michoacan; and the arrancazacate** rhythms of central Jalisco. Students should be flexible on aesthetics of musical execution as this will be different than the sones that contemporary mariachis play.

Emphasis will be given to the phrasing of sones, vocal style, and tempo in the performance of this genre; as well as, the execution of the melodic rhythms that help to shape the “manicos” (strumming patterns). Ideally, armonia students attending this class already understand the harmonic relationships between 1ra, 2da, 3ra.(I,V7,IV); if not, this shouldn’t stop anyone from attending.

Bailadores, please bring an open mind about looking at this from a musical angle, and less from the dance theory perspective.  Casual, hard-heeled shoes or huaraches are preferred, but you may bring your folklorico shoes and they will need to be duct-taped.

** Musical examples of arrancazacate rhythms in a fandango setting:

(caution: please do not allow this last video to inspire you to bring your wedgies for this class)


*alternation of 6/8 and 3/4 meter; terminology of early Spanish organ music


REPERTORIO: Grades K – 5

Elementary school students are divided by grade school levels into 11 classes known as “Repertorio”. Instructors for the Repertorio classes will prepare a dance from each of the three regions listed (plus a bonus region for classes that move along quickly). Enrollment proficiency levels are determined by the following criteria: Beginner Level–under four continuous years in a regular program; Intermediate Level–four to eight continuous years in a regular program; Advanced Level–eight or more continuous years in a regular program.


Note for parents/directors:  Please register your students by their ACTUAL current grade level  in elementary school.  Our instructors have prepared their material with maturity levels in mind and we will honor their request to transfer out students who are mistakenly registered outside of their age group.   Students must show their school ID to access grade levels 5th to 8th.  Homeschooled students, please bring a copy of your birth certificate as proof of age.

Repertorio Kindergarten: Chihuahua, Tabasco, Zacatecas - Rosalie DeVerona

Repertorio 1st Grade (Beg/Int): Nuevo Leon, Sinaloa, Zacatecas – Teresa Velez CLOSED 2/11/18

Repertorio 2nd Grade (Beg/Int): Chihuahua, Michoacan, Nayarit – Mayra Selene Ornelas CLOSED 1/16/18

Repertorio 2nd Grade (Beg/Int): Chiapas, Yucatán, Jalisco – Mayra Villalobos CLOSED 2/12/18

Repertorio 3rd Grade (Beg/Int): Chiapas, Michoacan, Veracruz - Maria Valdovinos CLOSED 1/31/18

Repertorio 3rd Grade (Int/Adv): Chiapas, Durango, Sinaloa – Manny Vizcarra CLOSED 2/11/18

Repertorio 4th Grade (Beg/Int): Chiapas, Nayarit, Yucatan – Ashley Lopez CLOSED 1/14/18

Repertorio 4th Grade (Int/Adv): Jalisco, Sinaloa, Veracruz – Alexander Manzanares - CLOSED 1/14/18

Repertorio 5th Grade (Beg/Int): Coahuila, Guerrero, Veracruz - Oscar Bustos CLOSED 2/11/18

Repertorio 5th Grade (Int/Adv): Guerrero Costa Chica, Sinaloa, Sonora Bronco - Sara Moguel CLOSED 1/19/18

Repertorio 5th Grade (Adv): Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, Queretaro - Francisco Salinas CLOSED 2/11/18

Repertorio 4th & 5th Grade: Baja California Norte, Campeche & Sinaloa - Maria Cerda CLOSED 3/07/18

EnrollFolklorico Jr. High: Grades 6 – 8

Students must bring their student and/or government-issued ID.

Folklorico Jr. High was created in 2017 to accommodate our burgeoning middle school demographic attending the Danzantes Unidos Festival. These classes offer repertoire with two regions per class:  A ‘core’ region for in-depth survey and a ‘secondary’ region to compare and contrast.  Students in these classes will learn the differences between regions (history, geography, styling, music); and will be provided a forum for interaction and networking with peers.

Note for parents/directors: Folklorico Jr. High students must show their school ID to access these classes onsite.

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Beg/Int): Jalisco & Nuevo Leon - Yolanda Beniquez CLOSED 1/24/18

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Beg/Int): Baja California & Michoacan - Christopher Sandoval - CLOSED 1/14/18

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Int): Tabasco & Yucatan - Victor Rosas - CLOSED 1/14/18

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Int): Coahuila & Veracruz - Mariana Romo CLOSED 1/29/18

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Int) Chiapas & Tamaulipas - Manuel Ramirez CLOSED 1/23/18

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Int/Adv): Chihuahua & Sinaloa - Juan De la Rosa - CLOSED 1/12/18

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Int/Adv): Colima & Tamaulipas - Samuel Gonzalez Betancourt - CLOSED 1/11/18

Folklorico Jr. High 6-8th Grade (Int/Adv): Jalisco & Nayarit - Denise Valdez - CLOSED 1/14/18

Note for parents/directors:  Please register your students by their ACTUAL current grade level  in middle-school.  Our instructors have prepared their material with maturity levels in mind and we will honor their request to transfer out students who are mistakenly registered outside of their age group.   Students must show their school ID to access grade levels 5th to 8th.  Homeschooled students, please bring a copy of your birth certificate as proof of age.

EnrollFolklorico High: Grades 9 – 12

Students must bring their student and/or government-issued ID.

Folklorico High was created in 2014 to address the growing population of teen and young adult participation attending the Danzantes Unidos Festival. These classes offer repertoire with two regions per class:  A ‘core’ region for in-depth survey and a ‘secondary’ region to compare and contrast.  Students in these classes will learn the differences between regions (history, geography, styling, music); and will be provided a forum for interaction and networking with peers.  Classes for advanced dancers transitioning into adulthood will have the opportunity to enroll in ‘comprehensive’ classes that will focus intensely within one state and explore its’ various regions.

Note for parents/directors: Folklorico High students must show their school ID to access these classes onsite.

Folklorico High registrants will have access to Danzantes Unidos finest faculty in the following sections:

Folklorico 101 - Rosemarie Olais-Pantoja CLOSED 2/12/18

Azteca Dance & Drumming - David Vargas CLOSED 1/29/18

Veracruz Fandango - Alfredo ``Godo`` Herrera CLOSED 1/29/18

Bailes de Tabla: Music & Dance from La Region Mariachera - Pedro Gómez

Latin Rhythms - Alejandro Rey CLOSED 2/12/18

Folklorico Media - Antonio Sarabia

Sew Much Fun - Alicia Mendibles

Folklorico High Ages 14-18 (Beg/Int): Jalisco & Nuevo Leon - Erik Diaz - CLOSED 1/14/18

Folklorico High Ages 14-18 (Beg/Int): Chihuahua & Guerrero - Irene Hernandez - CLOSED 1/14/18

Folklorico High Ages 14-18 (Int): Baja California & Veracruz Huasteco - Karlen Cordero - CLOSED 1/11/18

Folklorico High Ages 14-18 (Int): Sinaloa & Jalisco - Cindy Padilla - CLOSED 1/13/18

Folklorico High Ages 14-18 (Int/Adv): Michoacan & Zacatecas - Anel Alvarez - CLOSED 1/14/18

Folklorico High Ages 14-18 (Int/Adv) Guerrero & Nayarit Mestizo - Ignacio Delgado Hernandez - CLOSED 1/11/18

Folklorico High Ages 14-18 (Adv): Veracruz Comprehensive - Itza Sanchez CLOSED 1/23/18

Folkorico High Ages 14-18 (Adv): Tamaulipas Comprehensive - Gabriel Avila - CLOSED 1/14/18

EnrollAdult Classes: Ages 18 and over
(Bring your government-issued ID)

Adult classes are open to ages 18 and over. Students in these classes will focus on dances from one particular region, as well as proper regional style and form.

With the exception of Specialty Courses, all classes will be geared toward the intermediate/advanced level dancer.

Folklorico for Veteran Adults Ages 40+ - Dr. Maria Guadalupe Castro Paramo

Folklorico 101 - Rosemarie Olais-Pantoja

Azteca Dance & Drumming - David Vargas

Veracruz Fandango - Alfredo Herrera

Bailes de Tabla: Music & Dance from La Region Mariachera - Pedro Gómez

Latin Rhythms - Alejandro Rey

Folklorico Media - Antonio Sarabia

``Sew Much Fun`` - Alicia Mendibles

Aguascalientes - Juan Gil Martinez Tadeo - CLOSED 1/14/18

Campeche - Ana Valle Vasquez

Chiapas - Carlos Santoyo

Colima - Rafael Valpuesta - CLOSED 1/13/18

Guerrero Costa Chica - Jaime Morales - CLOSED 1/14/18

Guerrero Tierra Caliente - Netza Vidal - CLOSED 1/14/18

Jalisco - Rudy Garcia

Michoacan Tierra Caliente - Cecilio DeCastro

Nayarit Costa - Ramon Olvera

Nuevo Leon Centro - Miguel Ponce - CLOSED 1/14/18

Mexico (Estado de) - Danzas Mazahuas - Osvaldo Ramirez Vidales

Oaxaca - Sola de Vega, Sones y Jarabes Mixes - Jenny Robles

Nayarit - Semana Santa Cora - Sergio Sartiaguin

Tabasco - Zenon Barron - CLOSED 1/13/18

Tamaulipas Huapango - Héctor Abel Sánchez López - CLOSED 1/14/18

Tamaulipas Norte - Jose Tena - CLOSED 1/13/18

Tlaxcala - Omar Quezada

San Luis Potosí - Huapango y Danza - Marco A. Sanchez

Sinaloa Mestizo - Eleazar Rodarte

Sonora Bronco - Bryan Osorio

Veracruz Danzon y Sotavento - Luis Oceguera

Yucatan - Cesar Orta

Zacatecas - Juan Santana - CLOSED 1/14/18