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Danzantes Unidos president responds to Washington Times opinion

I wear my culture on a daily basis.  My research in folklorico dance and the limitless color, weave, fabric & patterns available are what first attracted me to begin seeking out and collecting prime examples of my cultural heritage.  To keep these beauties hidden away in bins would be sinful.  So, I wear my culture on daily basis. I’m generally met with compliments and questions about the origins, construction, history, etc and I’m...

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Danzantes Unidos Needs Folklorico Community’s Input

Hola Folklórista! We want to provide you with the best resources and programs available that will enhance your development as a cultural artist.  Thanks to a grant awarded by the Alliance For California Traditional Arts, our organization has the opportunity to create resources for you and rest of the folklorico community on our website.  However, we are in need of your input to help bring these resources to life.  When time permits, please...

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