Folklorico on Wheels - Danzantes Unidos®
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Folklorico on Wheels

Folklorico on Wheels was founded in 1994 to provide quality, educational training at the local level. Folklorico on Wheels offers movement classes, lectures, costume showings, visual art workshops, dance presentations and musical recitals. Each event is pre-conceived in conjunction with the host community and can range from a half or whole day to full weekend event. Due to a downscale in size when compared to Danzantes Unidos Festival, Folklorico on Wheels can offer its participants a more intimate setting. Emphasis is placed on providing participants with intensive training tailored to local needs.


A typical weekend would include six classes divided by age, level, region or theme and might include:


  • Repertoire from any of Mexico’s 31 states and federal district
  • Repertoire for students, educators, group directors & seniors
  • Thematic material for Day of the Dead, Fiestas & Celebrations
  • Evening showcase in dance & music recital/performance
  • Lectures, seminars & exhibits.


The Folklorico on Wheels season runs from August to November in cities across the six regions of California: Gold County , SF Bay Area, Central Coast , Central Valley , Greater LA Basin & San Diego.


Would you be interested in hosting a Folklorico on Wheels?

The project is overseen by the Folklorico on Wheels coordinator who will work with the host representative to determine the number of classes, content and schedule. The Folklorico on Wheels coordinator is responsible for identifying and contracting instructors, generating statewide publicity and coordinating registration.
Host representative responsibilities include actively engaging area groups, local publicity, providing Folklorico on Wheels activity site(s), hospitality and housing for FOW staff and working with Folklorico on Wheels coordinator to plan the event.
Expenses are covered by registration fees and any remaining monies are divided 60:40 between Folklorico on Wheels and the host group. The emphasis of the project is to provide a cultural service and not to serve as a fundraiser for either organization. However, fundraising opportunities for the host group do exist such as organizing a Saturday evening event, the sale of food and beverage, raffles and many other creative approaches.
If you are interested in participating in or hosting this project, please email [email protected].