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Latin Rhythms

(Ages 13+)
Maestro: Alejandro Rey

Come learn the skills and techniques of today’s most popular Latin dances! This course will focus on the music and dances from the island nations of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Move to the vibrant sounds of Bachata, Merengue and Salsa, plus learn how and why these dances will complement you as a performer in other styles as well. This fun course will be taught by Alejandro Rey, a 6-Time Bachata Champion who has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, North America and South America to share his passion for Latin dancing.

Discover Latin dances, including salsa, bachata and merengue in this fun, high-energy workshop. Participants learn the basic techniques of these dances, such as timing, partnering, footwork and styling. This workshop incorporates dance techniques that students can apply to their folklorico training, performance and social dancing.



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