March 2017 - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2017 Hotel & Lodging Update

SPECIAL UPDATE:  At this late date, all hotels listed on our website will show "FULL".  This may not be the case.  You will need to contact the hotel directly.  Please do not expect the DUF RATE, as the deadline was two weeks ago.  Here are some hotels you can try.  Please call for rates and availability:   RODEWAY INN (559) 431-3557 Armando Torres   UNIVERSITY INN (559) 431-3557 Armando Torres   RAMADA UNIVERSITY (559) 224-4040 Jessie Garcia   PICADILLY AIRPORT...

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DUF 2017 BONUS Master Classes!

Danzantes Unidos de California is pleased to announce that as a special THANK YOU to group directors of registered groups we are offering a bonus Master Class on Friday, April 7, from 11am to 2pm, secret location TBA via text message the night before. Maestro Jose Vences will be teaching a Master Class featuring a small fusion of "Sones" from the State of Morelos that offer a polychromy of rhythms, characteristic of that region....

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Who’s Coming to DUF 2017!

With over 1,500 participants, this will be one of the largest folklorico convenings Danzantes Unidos has seen. We want to give a little shout out to the groups who go the extra mile to celebrate cultura, tradiciones, and their passions with us at DUF 2017!  Late Registration remains open until March 30.  For info, go to Bringing the largest group to DUF 2017 with 71 registered dancers, Resurreccion Mexican Folk de Rafael...

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