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DUF 2017 BONUS Master Classes!

Danzantes Unidos de California is pleased to announce that as a special THANK YOU to group directors of registered groups we are offering a bonus Master Class on Friday, April 7, from 11am to 2pm, secret location TBA via text message the night before.

Maestro Jose Vences will be teaching a Master Class featuring a small fusion of “Sones” from the State of Morelos that offer a polychromy of rhythms, characteristic of that region. “Sones” reflect the antics or playful mischief in a peculiar manner during the time of the revolution.

This class is offered to women and men and the following is required:
Women will need a rebozo.
Men will need a hat and pañuelo.
Highly suggested but not required for men: Any style jacket with front slit pockets (easily accessible).

You may ask—“How do I qualify for this fantastic offer?”

Three simple steps:

1. You must be a GROUP DIRECTOR of a Registered Group—a group is six persons or more registered for DUF 2017 Workshops. 

2. You MUST RSVP by midnight April 5. Click here to access:

DUF 2017 Master Class

3. You must actually SHOW UP by the start of class or you forfeit to an eager body on the waitlist.

“But wait, what’s this about a wait list?”

Priority is given to Group Directors, but in order to maximize the learning potential, we are offering spots on the wait list for assistant directors. Of course, you must be a DUF 2017 Registrant. Be sure to include a cell phone number where we can text you of your acceptance.

We are very glad to offer this special gift in appreciation to group directors who in addition to toiling all year long still find the time to organize their dancers to attend the Danzantes Unidos Festival. We salute you!


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