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Maestro Spotlight: Texomazatl David Vargas

David Vargas, also known as Texomazatl (Blue Deer) among traditional Aztec dance circles, founded the original Tezkatlipoka Aztec Dance in 1988 in San Jose, CA. As Executive and Artistic Director, Texomazatl continues to lead the group as a ceremonial dance group among traditional circles and community-based performing arts groups.   For the past 30 years, Texomazatl continues to study in the traditional schools (Calmecac) of Aztec dance and music. He has taught several new...

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New Class at DUF 2016: Folklorico Media Workshop

Things That You Won't Want To Miss At DUF 2016:  #5 It is our story, our history, that gives meaning to our art and ignites our passion to continue its practice. Folklorico Media Workshop is a new initiative by Danzantes Unidos meant to encourage participants to take full advantage of technology and various media platforms to promote their passion for dance, tell their stories and share their art. Directors of registered groups will recommend...

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