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DUF 2021: BAJA CALIFORNIA Instructor: Maria Cerda Cohort I - Grades 3-5 Int/Adv Dance: Tres Con Todo In this class students will be learning a Calabaceado dance from Baja California. Students will learn basic Calabaceado steps and combinations. Please have students wear tennis shoes first for warm-ups. Norte hat is suggested. Lifelong Central Valley resident, Maestra Maria Cerda was born in Hanford, CA, and raised in Kettleman City, CA.  She currently resides in Clovis, CA.  She is...

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Thrive To Survive – DUF 2021 is coming!

Feliz Año Nuevo!  We hope that you have all been sheltering safely with familia and at home.  Sadly, this pandemic will not end anytime soon and DUF days are upon us once again. For Danzantes Unidos, 2021 will be a real test of our ability to survive as an organization.  In order to do so, we must thrive through this pandemic and we hope that you will join us. The good news...

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