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Maestra Spotlight: Melissa Somoza

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Maestra Melissa Somoza was first fascinated with Folklorico during her sophomore year in high school after attending a school performance. That is where she began her dance career as a Folklorico dancer, at Bravo Medical Magnet High School. Within a year of learning how to dance, Maestra Melissa became one of the group’s Folklorico instructors with an opportunity to teach her fellow classmates during her senior year of high school.

Her love for Folklorico extends now to over six years as a dancer. She has been a part of various groups in the region of Los Angeles such as: Cal State University Los Angeles Yectli Folklórico Group, Ballet Folklórico de Los Angeles, and she currently dances with Grupo Folklorico Revolucion. Aside from being a dancer, Maestra Somoza has also studied various dance techniques that assist her in developing new ideas in ways to teach the youth. She has been an instructor for two years now, teaching Folklorico for Pre-K children.

It fills me with great honor to be teaching at DUF for my second consecutive year and I am looking forward for the unforgettable bonds that will be formed.” – Melissa Somoza


At DUF 2016

Maestra Melissa Somoza will be teaching Folklorico Fun for Pre-K students. She will be co-teaching along with Maestro Irvind Garcia.

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