Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2023 "BAILAR ES VIVIR" Registration OPEN! - Danzantes Unidos®
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Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2023 “BAILAR ES VIVIR” Registration OPEN!

Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2023 “BAILAR ES VIVIR” will take place on March 31, April 1 & 2 in Fresno, CA and honors the ongoing work of folklorico artists sharing culture and traditions across the United States and in Mexico. Registration is OPEN at www.danzantes.org. Early Registration ends December 27, 2022.  Enroll today!  REGISTER NOW

With over 55 congruent dance workshops, DUF 2023 “BAILAR ES VIVIR” returns to Fresno on March 31, April 1 & 2.  The event marks the 44th year of existence of the largest gathering celebration of Mexican folk dancers on the planet.

Dance workshops will offer classes in over 33 regions of Mexico. Showcase Concerts will feature the work of 50+ dance companies from throughout the United States.

The DUF MegaMercado brings together top vendors of folklorico costumes & supplies in one giant marketplace.

The evening socials will include the Free Family Fandango on Friday & the DUF Pachanga on Saturday.

We look forward to welcoming you to DUF 2023! REGISTER NOW

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