Danzantes Unidos Needs Folklorico Community's Input - Danzantes Unidos®
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Danzantes Unidos Needs Folklorico Community’s Input

Hola Folklórista!

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We want to provide you with the best resources and programs available that will enhance your development as a cultural artist.  Thanks to a grant awarded by the Alliance For California Traditional Arts, our organization has the opportunity to create resources for you and rest of the folklorico community on our website.  However, we are in need of your input to help bring these resources to life.  When time permits, please complete a quick survey with this link: Danzantes Unidos Survey . The survey will be available from now until Sunday, August 3, 2014.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your responses.

Thank you,

Danzantes Unidos

For more information about Danzantes Unidos, visit our website.  We would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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