Danzantes Unidos Welcomes New Board Member, Raul Gonzalez - Danzantes Unidos®
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Danzantes Unidos Welcomes New Board Member, Raul Gonzalez

Danzantes Unidos is pleased to announce new board member, Raul Gonzalez.

Raul Gonzalez is a Health Education Specialist and Folklorico instructor with Compania de Danza El Sol in Fresno, CA. He has been involved with Danzantes Unidos since 2011 when he began volunteering at Roosevelt High School. He has been a volunteer in DUF Onsite Registration since 2012 and has served as Onsite Registration Co-Chair since 2017.  Last year, he additionally took on the role of DUF Volunteer Coordinator which was critical to the success of the festival upon moving to a new venue.

Mr. Gonzalez tells us, “I accepted to be a board member because I love that Danzantes Unidos helps promote the Mexican traditions of dance and music. Being a board member will allow me to share ideas in a different perspective to make the festival more successful in the future”.  Danzantes Unidos welcomes him to the Board of Directors.

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