DUF 2015 Mercado – Mega-Folklorico Tianguis - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2015 Mercado – Mega-Folklorico Tianguis

Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2015 ” Reconquistando el pueblo con danza y cancion” will take place on March 27, 28, & 29 at Clovis West HS in Fresno, CA. Over 1,000 dancers have registered to date and will participate in workshops, concerts and the Mega-mega DUF Mercado!!  Break open those cochinitos because the DUF 2015 Mercado will have it all:  zapatillas, botines, dance wear, jewelry, headpieces and more.  Following is a list of confirmed vendors for your spending pleasure . . .

Soy Danzante- Traditional Aztec regalia, Instruments, and wholesale feathers

Folklor Mexicano- Folklórico costumes, accessories, and shoes

Artemex- Mexican blouses, bags, Dia de Los Muertos dolls, jewelry, magnets, Mexican themed prints and signs

Maldicion- T-shirts, posters, & stickers

Inkza Hand Crafts- Handmade jewelry, accessories

B+ Limitless Dance- T-shirts, blouses, zapatos, botines, botas, jewelry, & dance accessories

Casa Folklorica – Folklórico costumes and accessories

Mii Camisa Folklorico Wear- Folklórico inspired screen print t-shirts, apparel, bags, art work, posters, prints, and much more

Expressions of Fresno- Folklórico shoes , boots, huaraches, guayabera shirts, handkerchiefs, hats, and accessories

Redondo Union H.S. World Language Club- Folklórico clothes, tote bags, fans, bandanas, base buns and jewelry

Karinas Dance Shoes- Folklórico shoes

Jara Jewelry- Lots of jewelry

Chicana Apparel- Chicano/Chicana art and culture

Artesania Huichol- Handmade Huichol Jewelery & more

Tradiciones Group- Huaraches, dance shoes, casual boots, rebozos, practice skirts, and costume production (to be promoted)

Ballet Folklórico Raices Mexicanas de Maria Valdovinos- Folklórico shoes, boots, braids, outfits, bracelets, shirts, totes, and practice skirts

The Mariachi Connection- Folklórico costumes and accessories

I Love Folklórico- Unique Folklórico dance wear and products

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