DUF 2016 "El Corazón del Pueblo" Logo Art Comes To Life - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2016 “El Corazón del Pueblo” Logo Art Comes To Life

Things That You Won’t Want To Miss At DUF 2016:  #4

1500+ Mexican folk dancers and their families will attend DUF 2016 “El Corazón del Pueblo” Workshops & Concerts.  Please join us for the Saturday Noon Children’s Concert and the official “Welcome to Los Angeles” for DUF 2016.  For full details, visit www.danzantes.org .

DUF 2016 Noon Children’s Concert & Welcome to DUF 2016

12:00pm to 1:30pm

Esteban Torres HS

4211 Dozier Street, Los Angeles, CA


Festival Artist, Antonio Sarabia has created the beautiful logo for DUF 2016 “El Corazón del Pueblo” featuring a masked-dancer, a Chinelo, from the state of Morelos.  The artwork will grace every print element of our festival and the visual serves perfectly to convey the welcome that the folklorico community in the city of Los Angeles has afforded to the Danzantes Unidos community.  The full color logo will be unmasked at next weekend’s festival.

Chicano EducatorANTONIO SARABIA is a graphic design artist, photographer and writer based out of Sacramento, California. With over 15 years of experience in freelance, Antonio specializes in digital graphic art and photography. He has worked extensively in video, audio production, serigraphy, and web design.

Antonio holds a Designated Services SCOE Credential in Commercial Art, Media & Entertainment as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2004 from California State University Sacramento. He continued studying Literature at CSUS and completed a Master’s degree in May of 2007. In addition to his design and creative work, Antonio is the C.T.E. Visual Communications, Computer Graphics and Multimedia instructor at Sacramento Charter High School, where he has shared his passion for art and technology with countless high school students since the fall of 2004. He also serves a the director of the Sac High Multimedia Lab and The Sac High Annex Recording Studio.  He was born in Mexico City and migrated to California with his family in 1993.


IMG 5332It is our good fortune that the dancer featured in this year’s logo will be brought to life thanks to the participation of DUF Maestro, Jose Vences (originally from the State of Morelos) and his company, Grandeza Mexicana to bring an official welcome from Los Angeles to every participant at DUF 2016.

GRANDEZA MEXICANA FOLK BALLET COMPANY was founded by Jose Vences in September 2003. Currently, Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company has over 30 dancers and is a non-profit performing arts organization. The company was formed to advance the field of Mexican folk ballet, enhance the public’s appreciation for the diversity, depth of Mexican culture and present high-quality dance productions.

Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo” will take place from March 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA.  Tickets are available online for DUF 2016 Showcase Concerts at www.danzantes.org/Tienda

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