DUF 2016 Friday Free Family FANDANGO with "Godo" Herrera - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2016 Friday Free Family FANDANGO with “Godo” Herrera

Things That You Won’t Want To Miss At DUF 2016:  #9

1500+ Mexican folk dancers and their families will attend DUF 2016 “El Corazón del Pueblo” Workshops & Concerts.  For full details, visit www.danzantes.org .

Fandango Duf 2015 24614748755 ODanzantes Unidos, a non-profit Mexican folk dance organization, presents the Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo” from March 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA.  The DUF 2016 Friday Free Family FANDANGO with Alfredo “Godo” Herrera will take place immediately following the Friday, March 17 Showcase Concert in the Ingalls Auditorium Lobby on the East Los Angeles College, 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park CA from 9:00pm to midnight.

Fandango Teaser Trailer filmed at DUF 2015 (click here)

Fandango Duf 2015 24319218460 OWhat is it?  The DUF Fandango is the first evening social event of the weekend and it features a live music jam led by our very own Veracruz Fandango Instructor.  Each year it improves as more folklorico dancers enter the “zone of awareness” of the protocol that accompanies the parts of the fandango, the asking of permission to enter the tarima, the parts where you dance hard and the parts where you listen while dancing softly as the musicians amaze us with their on-the-spot improvised verses.  Slowly, we begin to realize which sones are for women, “Sones de Monton” and which are for couples.  For the full spectrum of enlightenment it is highly recommended to register for a spot in Maestro “Godo’s” class on Saturday and Sunday.  In that class, he gently guides dancers and musicians to the Jarana beat.  Meanwhile, at the Fandango, he just calmly nods his head and smiles at our baby steps into this living tradtion.

Fandango Duf 2015 24588604526 OWho can attend?  This is a family event and open to the public.

But I’ll be hungry after the show (#FolkloricoWhiner) . . . Our Hospitality Committee Chair, Maria Lares, has ensured that we will have a Taquero arriving in time for the fandango with tasty options and aguas frescas.  We ask you to enjoy your food and beverage in the lobby and keep all food and beverage outside of the main theater.

See full video here: “Son de La Morena” filmed and edited by Edgar Ontiveros, Danzantes Media at DUF 2015.

Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo” will take place from March 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA.  Tickets are available online for DUF 2016 Showcase Concerts at www.danzantes.org/Tienda

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