DUF 2018 Ofrenda welcomes ALL souls . . . - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2018 Ofrenda welcomes ALL souls . . .

We are preparing a space, an ofrenda,
to ensure that our Muertitos are not forgotten.


Please click HERE to submit their memories online and/or bring items for the ofrenda.

Tell us about the person that you would like to honor on the DUF 2018 Ofrenda.  What special memory would you like to share so that this person is not forgotten?  Please include full name, birth year/passing year & why this person is important to you.  (We will not have capacity to edit entries.  Please take a care and have someone proof-read it for you.)

#RememberMe #Recuerdame

Preguntas?  [email protected]

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