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DUF 2020 – FAQ 1/10/20


There are two parts to getting your dancers into classes.

  1. Directors/chaperones REGISTER dancers by entering the group members data.
  2. Registered students ENROLL in a class by selecting a class that is OPEN and then proceed through the payment at checkout.

If the registration fees will be covered by the group bank account, then one person can register the entire group . . . and it does not have to be done all in one sitting.  However, this is not required if each person will be paying for themselves.  Our website is flexible that way.  As long as all parties use the same GROUP NAME, we are able to find and lump them together for registration packets.  There are a few groups with the same name (or some variant).  Please ensure that the city in which the studio is located is correct.  Directors, only:  If your group name does not appear in the drop down menu, please use ‘other’ and type in the name of your group and include the city.


Green Round Register ButtonYou will need the following information, at hand, to REGISTER each student:
•Full Name
•Date of Birth (ID will be required onsite)
•Contact Information (address, phone, email)
•T-shirt Size (Our gift to you for registering during Early & Regular Registration periods (no shirt after 2/20/2020).


Enroll ButtonOnce you have REGISTERED your dancers, you will have the ability to ENROLL them in classes.  Just click on the dancer name to see which classes are open for that dancer.  It is helpful to have your notes at hand of where each dancer will go and have a second option in case the first choice is full.  The full list of classes is here:



Traffic LightOnce you have decided which classes to pick, you can go to  DUF 2020 ENROLLMENT and click on ‘my dancers’ (upper right-hand corner) to start inputting their data.  You can do one dancer or many; and add others later–AS LONG AS YOU USE THE SAME GROUP NAME–they will be lumped together at the end.

Before checkout, check your list and edit as needed.  You will also have the chance to order extra items at our Tiendita during the checkout process.  At checkout, please use ‘payment by credit card’ option.  Payment by Purchase Order (PO’s) are reserved for university, college and school groups that are enrolling more than twelve students and processing payment through an administrative office.  Payment by PO comes with its own binding contract and deadline to request PO of 1/17/20.  To request a PO number, write to [email protected] using header “Purchase Order Request”.  Include the NUMBER OF STUDENTS that will attend and billing contact at your educational institution (name, address, phone, email).

Once you have completed registration, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours; replete with useful information and a link to a survey to tell us about your DUF experience and expectations.  Your input is appreciated.  Happy DUF’ing!

If you find that you still need step-by-step assistance, we are happy to help.  Please email [email protected] and list three date/time options and best number to reach you.

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