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DUF 2020 Showcase Concerts News & Update

Danzantes Unidos announces the retirement of DUF Showcase Concert Director, Juana Saludado. She has been an active force in Danzantes Unidos since she joined the Board of Directors in 2007. She will remain as an advisor to usher in the next generation. We are grateful to Juana for her many years of service in the organization and we hope that you will join us in wishing her well in all her endeavors. That said . . .

DUF 2020 welcomes our new Showcase Concert Directors, Francisca Saludado & Manny Vizcarra. They have both been serving behind the scenes for several years and are also new board members. We are certain that the transition will be a smooth one and we look forward to the new and bright vision that they bring to the organization.

DUF 2020 Showcase Concerts will take place at Roosevelt HS Theater on April 3, 4 & 5. PLEASE TAKE NOTE–this is a venue change for the event. Additionally, the (free) Children’s Concert will take place at noon on Saturday at the Sunnyside HS Amphitheater.

Tickets for Showcase Concerts are included in festival registration during the Early and Regular enrollment periods, ending February 20th. Showcase Ticket bundles are available for $50 online until February 21 for chaperones and festival guests. After February 21, ALL tickets go on sale to Late Registrants and the general public at $20 per concert.

How to apply . . .
Groups that have registered 12+ members will be assigned their #DUFready priority number and will receive an application link starting on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2020–please note the change of date. We thank you for your patience, as access to the application will be rolled out slowly and in order of priority number. To maintain your hold on your preferred region, all applicants must be in FULL compliance with the established Showcase Concert criteria by February 15, 2020–

1) Three-fourths of performers enrolled in workshops;
2) FINAL Concert music submitted;
3) Group bio, logo & jpeg submitted.
4) The application for DUF Saturday is still only available on alternate years and given its popularity, there is NO guarantee for a spot on that particular Showcase.

This last criteria has been in place for several years and it levels the field for all groups to have the DUF Saturday experience in rotation.

We anticipate that all spots will be confirmed by February 15 for a February 20 announcement of the final lineup. We appreciate your understanding of the need for these criteria and deadlines to be followed to a tee in order to ensure that ALL groups are given a fair opportunity to present their work. We look forward to seeing your best foot forward at DUF 2020. #DUF40andBeyond

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