DUF 2024 “SEGUIMOS ADELANTE” – Maestro David "TexoMazatl" Vargas - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2024 “SEGUIMOS ADELANTE” – Maestro David “TexoMazatl” Vargas

David “Texomazatl” Vargas, is a kind, yet demanding Elder within the Danza Azteca genre.  David Vargas, also known as Texomazatl (Blue Deer) among traditional Aztec dance circles, founded  the original Tezkatlipoka Aztec Dance in 1988 in San Jose, CA which is still active today. Texomazatl has led the group as its Executive/Artistic Director as a ceremonial dance group among traditional circles, as well as a community-based performing arts group.

For the past 35 years, Texomazatl has continually studied in the traditional schools (Calmecac) of Aztec dance and music and has taught several new generations of Aztec dancers and groups in San Jose.  He has drawn from the Calmecac traditional knowledge to share this knowledge via high-quality educational programs in schools throughout the US & Canada.  You can view his full biography on the Tezkatlipoka website.

Azteca Dance & Drum with David “Texomazatl” Vargas

This is a highly aerobic, high-energy, multidisciplinary introduction to Azteca Dance with hands-on training in traditional drumming will cover the history of Aztec dance, discipline of drumming principles along with basic Aztec dance posture and breaking down of dance steps.  Students are expected to be in peak physical form to participate equally in both drumming and dancing. Students will learn some Nahuatl–names of instruments, phrases and simple basic expressions. This class is a concise progressive and beautifully challenging experience for those who have a passion to learn Aztec dance .

Students will learn the protocol and reverence of approaching the Azteca Drum along the journey to becoming ‘performance-ready’.  The course will focus on conveying the historical significance of Azteca Dance & Culture both before and after contact with the European presence/influence. Proper terminology and usage of all equipment/musical instruments will be covered in class.


(Ages 13 to 30)
Maestro: David “Texomazatl” Vargas

This dynamic, high-octane, class will introduce students to Aztec dance, drumming, language and indigenous culture. This class is for intermediate level dancers with three years of folklorico dancing experience that are interested in learning a different type of dance discipline that will complement and enhance their current dance training. There will be NO sitting, videotaping/photography nor spectators allowed in the classroom.  In preparation, during and throughout the class there will be a adherence to calisthenics for warm-ups and to encourage and promote a strict discipline which will be required to cover all the material of two disciplines as well as how to present and be prepared for the recital.  Calisthenic exercises are intended to increase strength, fitness, and flexibility as well as endurance for this high-performance dance genre.

This dance form is pre-Columbian and based on movements found within nature. Students will learn how to dance AND drum: ” El Danzante ” also known as ” Mitotiani ” meaning “The Dancer” and is in reference to Quetzalkoatl who was a great leader and proponent of the Arts and in particular Cosmic Movement “Mitotiliztli” or Danza Azteca. This dance is from Mexico City. I was taught this Danza from my Teacher El Gran Maestro Geraldo Salinas who is of a direct line of Danza lineage to Florencio Yescas.


Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Danzantes Unidos!

DUF 2024 “SEGUIMOS ADELANTE” will take place on March 22, 23 & 24, 2024 in Fresno, CA.

Early Registration ends on January 19, 2024 at www.danzantes.org


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