DUF 2024 “SEGUIMOS ADELANTE” – Maestro Omar Quezada - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2024 “SEGUIMOS ADELANTE” – Maestro Omar Quezada



Dancer/Director/Choreographer/Actor/Artist–Maestro Omar Quezada began his career in dance at the age of fourteen in Tlaxcala, Mexico. While earning a Bachelor’s in Communication and Education, Maestro Quezada began his education in dance, theater and fine arts along with studies in cosmetology and image design.

He currently serves as Artistic Director for  Ensamble Folklorico Tierra Mestiza and Casa Circulo Cultural in Redwood City , CA.


(Ages 17+)
Maestro: Omar Quezada

La Danza de los cuchillos, Danza de los negritos & Cuadrillas de San Juan Totolac

La danza de cuchillos and las cuadrillas are carnival dances that are super fun and require a lot of energy.  It is worth mentioning that the zapateados, valseados and combined steps, are executed with knives tied to the ankles while dancing AND skipping rope.

La danza de los negritos, although it is more ceremonial, features strong zapateados that when combined with the choreographic movements make it a very dynamic dance.

Las cuadrillas in addition to being super fun require a lot of energy since a variant of the jotas aragonesas are also executed with a garrocha con listones.

The research work, writing and data storage of the carnival and dances of Tlaxcala was carried out for more than 5 years and was supervised by experts in the field, led by teacher Martha E. Aguilera, teacher Alfredo Ramos, teachers Gerardo bretado and Rubén pozos, the latter from the community of Toluca de Guadalupe where the knife dance is performed.


Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Danzantes Unidos!

DUF 2024 “SEGUIMOS ADELANTE” will take place on March 22, 23 & 24, 2024 in Fresno, CA.

Early Registration ends on January 19, 2024 at www.danzantes.org


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