“Hair and Makeup ” Workshop at DUF 2016 - Danzantes Unidos®
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“Hair and Makeup ” Workshop at DUF 2016

Things That You Won’t Want To Miss At DUF 2016:  #6

“Hair and Makeup for Mexican Folklorico Dance” (Traditional and Theatrical)

Learn about the diversity in hair styles in Folklorico dance differentiating from braid styles, accessories, and ornaments used on the hair and braids. Students will learn to create different hairstyles, braids and flowers. In the workshop, students will get to create the tulips representative of the Mexican State of Tabasco. Costume and accessories choices should be determined by the particular region in order to express and interpret it respectfully.

Unnamed 12Students will learn about the best make-up techniques and brands that both male and female dancers use in dance. This class is focused on learning how to highlight and accentuate every person’s natural structures, be it children, men or women for presentation on stage. Students will learn the art and tricks of makeup according to our tradition and practice. It isn’t all about the costume, and it isn’t about wearing a ton of makeup, it is about learning how to harmonize both in elegance.

Without doubt, it is an educative workshop that will be of great use for dancers, directors and parents.

Materials needed: black (estambre negro….); ribbon of different colors according to your preference; scissors; glue gun; needle and thread. For makeup: eyeshadows, matte and shiny (suggested colors: brown, cream, gold, bronze and black); brushes (optional); liquid foundation (optional).

Class size is limited to twenty-five persons and individuals must be nominated by their group director by email after their group has successfully registered a minimum of six dancers in workshops. Directors, please send your nominees full name, group name & cell number to [email protected] with subject header “Hair & Makeup”. Deadline to apply is Friday, March 17 at 5:00pm.

Omar Quezada

About the Maestro: Omar Quezada

Maestro Omar Quezada began his career in dance at the age of 14 in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Through his education earning a Bachelor’s in Communication and Education, Maestro Quezada began his education in dance, theater and fine arts along with studies in cosmetology and image design. He currently serves as the director of Danza y Educación Artística de Tierra Mestiza Ballet de Los Angeles, CA.  

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