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Maestro Spotlight: Oscar Bustos

Maestro Oscar Bustos was born in 1995 to a family of lifelong folkloristas. That was the same year that his father’s Folklorico group, “Teocalli” was founded. Maestro Oscar has been dancing with Teocalli Cultural Academy for fifteen years, teaching for the Academy for three years now. Additionally, he has danced two years at Kastner Intermediate and four years for Clovis West.

As an instructor, he has had an opportunity to teach at Kastner Intermediate, Washington Union and Kings Cultural Center. Maestro Oscar continues his love for dance by teaching at the Folklorico group, Sol del Valle in Merced and continues to be a maestro at Teocalli Cultural Academy. He is also the assistant director for Grupo Folklórico de Kastner. During the Summer of 2014, he began his course work towards a Bachelor in Arts degree in Iguala, Mexico at the Escuela Superior de Danza Folklórica.

At DUF 2016

Maestro Oscar Bustos will be teaching Repertorio: Chiapas, Sinaloa and Yucatan for 5th grade students, ages 9-11 at an advanced level.

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