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Maestra Spotlight: Christie Rios

Christie Rios is Assistant Director to Danza Floricanto/USA and Programs Director for The Floricanto Center for the Performing Arts. She is a graduate of Cal State Los Angeles with a degree in English and a minor in anthropology.

Maestra Christie Rios has danced with Danza Floricanto since 1980 and has toured with the company throughout the American Southwest and Mexico. She has since gained mastery of the company’s diverse repertoire, ranging from the traditional Danza Azteca to the flirtatious skirt-work of Jalisco, and more recently, the fandango style of the region of Veracruz. As the coordinator of the Floricanto Institute, Christie brings in the educational component as the Maestra in the institution that has been around for 15 years. She has expanded the institution’s service to the community, with a current enrollment of more than 170 students.

Christie has studied dance with some of the most influential Folklorico and modern dance masters, including Rafael Zamarripa, Loretta Livingston and Lula Washington. Most recently, her piece, “Mama’s Lullaby” premiered at Floricanto’s Folklorico With a Point of View in 2014; and in 2015 her piece, “;” premiered at Floricanto’s 14th Annual Fiesta del Día de Los Muertos.

At DUF 2016

Maestra Christie Rios will be teaching the workshop previously scheduled to be taught by Maestro Jose Lopez Hueso who could not be in attendance this year. She will be teaching Repertorio: Campeche, Jalisco, and Tabasco for 5th graders ages 9-11 at an intermediate/advanced level.  

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