Maestra Spotlight: Rosalie DeVerona - Danzantes Unidos®
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Maestra Spotlight: Rosalie DeVerona

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Maestra Rosalie began her career in Folklorico at the early age of seven in 1975. For the past 31 years, she continues to study Folklorico at various workshops and conferences. She has had opportunities to study with various group directors in the United States and in Mexico. With lifelong devotion to Folklorico, Maestra DeVerona spreads her passion and knowledge at Danzantes Unidos Festival; she is also an active participant at Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos (ANGF).

At DUF 2016

Maestra Rosalie will be teaching Repertorio: Aguascalientes, Chiapas, and Sonora for 7th grade students at an intermediate/advanced level, ages 11-13.

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