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Maestro Spotlight: Alejandro Rey

Alejandro Rey, a.k.a. “The Biggest Mexican” is the 6-time Los Angeles Area Bachata Dance Champion. He is the Director of Paso De Oro Dance Company Latin Dance division.

AlejandroReyAlejandro has headlined as a performer and choreographer of the top Latin Dance Festivals throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, China, Mexico, Canada and Brazil. He has performed live in concert with Bachata recording artists such as Toby Love, Xtreme, Carlos y Alejandra, Andy Andy,  Monchy y Alexandra and Oro Solido. He has displayed his talents on TV shows such as “Sabado Gigante,” “MTV’s True Life” and “Love and Salsa” produced by Mario Lopez.

Watch “Alejandro Rey & Zulmara Torres take 1st Place at WCBC 2014” on YouTube

As a film actor he just worked on his first big budget film titled “Chocolate City 2.” He has also trained in Folklorico dance under Maestra Alicia Mendibles, his mother. He received his education at Whittier College where he studied History and Music of Latin America.

At DUF 2016

Maestro Rey will be teaching Latin Rhythms for teens and adults, ages 14+.

Dancers will discover Latin dances, including salsa, bachata and merengue in this fun, high-energy workshop. Participants will learn the basic techniques of these dances, such as timing, partnering, footwork and styling. This workshop incorporates dance techniques that students can apply to their folklorico training, performance and social dancing.

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