Manny Vizcarra, Danzantes Unidos Board of Directors President - Danzantes Unidos®
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Manny Vizcarra, Danzantes Unidos Board of Directors President

Danzantes Unidos Board of Directors President, Manny Vizcarra, is a health care professional for the county of Los Angeles. He is the director and founder of Tradición Dance Company from Pomona California.He has been a participant in the Danzantes Unidos Festival since his early childhood years and has always looked forward to it year after year. He has gained so much knowledge about Mexican culture and folklorico through the festival, he now encourages all of his students to be a part of it.

Mr. Vizcarra’s passion for dance began at the age of 8 when he joined “Ballet Folklorico Xochiquetzal” under the direction of Georgia Isela Mercado. Throughout the years he became interested in other dance disciplines aside from the folk dances of Mexico . By the time he started high school, Mr. Vizcarra knew he would form part of the theater arts department to enhance his artistic vision. His dance classes allowed him to explore new dance styles and fundamentals. As he gained more experience in dance, he then began to assist as dance instructor for the beginner and intermediate classes in Ballet Folklorico Xochiquetzal. As time went by he was promoted to Principal Dance Instructor of the intermediate class. In college, he continued to gain skills by joining the college dance program.  Mr. Vizcarra was so inspired by all of the different dance forms that led him to create his own choreography’s. He then decided it was time to take on a bigger challenge and create his own dance company.This was the origin of Tradición Dance Company. Till this day, Mr, Vizcarra continues to gain  knowledge of the art form by artistically expressing himself as a professional dancer, And has had the privilege of working with many professional directors and their company’s including Amalia Viviana Basanta-Hernandez, director of “Ballet Folklorico De Mexico De Amalia Hernandez”  His long term goals are to continue expanding his company’s repertoire and to inspire his dancers to keep the cultural legacy alive.

He is ecstatic to be a part of the organization and demonstrate his leadership amongst his folklorico community.

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