Maestro Spotlight: Manuel "Manny" Vizcarra - Danzantes Unidos®
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Maestro Spotlight: Manuel “Manny” Vizcarra

Manny Vizcarra 2Manuel Vizcarra’s passion for folklorico dance began at the age of eight.  Throughout the years he became interested in other dance disciplines, jazz & ballet; while continuing his study of folk dances of Mexico. As he gained more experience in dance, he became so inspired by all of the different dance forms that it led him to create his own choreographies. He then decided it was time to take on a bigger challenge and create his own dance group, Tradición Dance Company.

To this day, Mr. Vizcarra continues to gain knowledge of the art form by artistically expressing himself as a professional dancer. His long term goals are to continue expanding his company’s repertoire and to inspire his dancers to keep the cultural legacy alive.


At DUF 2017

3rd Grade: Jalisco, Michoacan, Puebla (int/adv)

Maestro Vizcarra will be teaching dances from three different regions all with diverse dance styles. In this class, students will learn Pirecuas from Michoacan, the traditional Danza de Quetzales from Puebla and Sones Abajeños from Jalisco.




DUF 2017 “Alma Indigena” will take place on April 7, 8 & 9 in Fresno, CA.

$ave on registration fees by enrolling early!

Early Registration now through 12/20/16

Regular Registration 12/21/16 through 2/8/17

Late Registration 2/9/17 through 3/30/17







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