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Maestro Spotlight – Texomazatl “Blue Deer” David Vargas

David Vargas1David Vargas, also known as Texomazatl (Blue Deer) among traditional Aztec dance circles, founded the original Tezkatlipoka Aztec Dance in 1988 in San Jose, CA. As Executive and Artistic Director, Texomazatl continues to lead the group as a ceremonial dance group among traditional circles and community-based performing arts groups.  

For the past 30 years, Texomazatl continues to study in the traditional schools (Calmecac) of Aztec dance and music. He has taught several new generations of Aztec dancers and groups in San Jose. Over the years, Texomazatl has drawn traditional knowledge from the Calmecac, which has been passed on through many generations to share the beauty of Aztec culture. He continues this practice by facilitating and delivering quality academic programming, in residencies and workshops locally and throughout the entire United States and Canada.  

David Vargas 1Texomazatl’s experience as a performing artist includes: Founder and lead teacher of Calmecac Tezkatlipoka Traditional Aztec Dance and Drum; Resident Artist for Young Audiences of Northern California since 1999; Resident Artist with Green Meadows Productions – Festival of Cultures 2002-2006; Residencies for Mexican Heritage Plaza, Escuela Popular, Sacred Heart Community Center, Roosevelt Community Center and several high schools in San Jose, CA.; Organizer for Youth Culture Camps for community events or festivals; Designer and custom craftsman of  Pre-Columbian jewelry, regalia, and drum instruments.

At DUF 2017


This dynamic class will introduce students to Aztec dance, drumming, language and indigenous culture. This class is for intermediate level dancers with three years of folklorico dancing experience that are interested in learning a different type of dance discipline that will complement and enhance their current dance training. This dance form is pre-Columbian and based on movements found within nature.

Students will learn how to dance AND drum two traditional Aztec Dances; Tlaloc- the dance of the rain, and Tletl / Xiuhcoatl, the dance of Fire. The class will begin with a short introduction of Aztec dance history, meaning and symbolism, introduction of musical instruments and use of Nauhatl (Aztec language) words and names. Students will then be led through a series of warm-up body calisthenics, followed by dance techniques including footwork, timing, and styling drills, and drumming techniques including timing, rhythm, and playing of musical percussion instruments that synchronize with dance steps. If time allows, additional dances and drum beats will be covered based on the capacity of students to master basic class material. All students will participate in a final presentation and perform dances with accompanying drumming for the DUF Class Recital on Sunday.


DUF 2017 “Alma Indigena” will take place on April 7, 8 & 9 in Fresno, CA.

$ave on registration fees by enrolling early!

Early Registration now through 12/20/16

Regular Registration 12/21/16 through 2/8/17

Late Registration 2/9/17 through 3/30/17







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