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Congratulations! to the over 140 dance companies from all over the United States that will convene for DUF 2020 on April 3, 4 & 5 in 65 tandem workshops that are already near capacity.  Danzantes Unidos thanks all directors, chaperones and parents of dancers that jumped on Early Registration this year. It was truly a new record for this weekend of celebration and sharing.  Please look for your group name and write to [email protected] with any edits by 1/31.

Your DUF 2020 Production Team at our January Site Visit in Fresno, CA.

We would like to remind you that for every dollar gathered, there is a dollar expense going out to prepare for your visit.  Your Registration fees cover the cost of venues (classrooms & theater) for DUF Workshops & Showcase Concerts; insurance; Maestro honorariums, their lodging and hospitality; dance floors-construction, installation & storage; Registration materials; the bonus freebies for Early & Regular registrants such as t-shirts, showcase tickets, printed programs, badges and DUF Swag.  In addition to that, there are over 100 volunteers working this event–from students to adults with their own full-time jobs to contend with as we prepare this in our spare time. We appreciate your patience and understanding when we tell you that this is truly a labor of LOVE. We welcome your participation as volunteers — persons with smart phones to help with Saturday morning check-in from 7-9am & persons that are handy with tools (Saturday from 10-noon and a second shift from 1:30pm-3:30pm) to help us make light repairs and keep the dance floors together and safe for our dancers.  If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] and tell us about yourself and your experience.

Next, a note about Showcase Concert Applications . . . companies whose names are in bold text are  #DUFready and will be sent the application for Showcase Concerts. There are nearly sixty groups that are eligible today to apply for the just under sixty spots available.  The invitation to submit an application will be coming via email and will be rolled out in batches of five groups per day, giving each recipient a full 24-hours to turn around their 1st & 2nd choice region and date.  Our Concert Directors will notify directors of which regions and dates are already spoken for at the time you receive your application. Directors of companies whose names are in bolded text are encouraged to write to [email protected] to let them know if A) you will be applying or will not be applying this year and more importantly B) to identify yourself as the contact person responsible for your groups’ application.  We appreciate your patience and support of our NEW Showcase Concert Team as we strive to improve the process to make it better each year. Groups that did not make the cut this year may petition for a spot should one become available.  If your company is a chamber company (fewer than twelve members year-round) you may petition for a five-minute chamber spot. As of now, the groups that are currently eligible will nicely fill all spots in the evening, as well as, the Saturday noon Showcases.  We are truly sorry if your group was not ready in time and hope to see you on the stage next year.

A message from our Registration Team . . . if you registered as an ‘independent dancer’ be on the lookout for an email message from [email protected] as we attempt to confirm your status and find the correct placement for all folklorico orphans.And a final note from our Media Team . . . please post your photos, DUF Memes and videos of your fundraisers and activities as you prepare for DUF 2020 and use our social media handles for  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.  We want to hear YOUR DUF story–#MyDUFstory.  ¡Gracias y nos vemos pronto!


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