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DUF 2019 Ofrenda #RememberMe

DUF Ofrenda - The Danzantes Unidos Festival is the annual gathering where folklorico dancers come together to meet, greet and celebrate each other. It is also the time to remember those who live with us in spirit.   Please help us to celebrate their memory by sending a photo & a kind word about them--where they lived, who they danced with or served and what they are best remembered for. Send your submissions...

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DUF 2019 Occupy DUF and Parking

¡Bienvenidos Parents & Chaperones!  We know that you take care of your pollitos by setting up your canopies and areas of respite.  This year, we will have access to a park-like, grassy area OUTSIDE of the quad. Space inside of the quad is very tight and for that reason your carpa's and tents will be welcome in the area marked "Occupy DUF".  We have been given the green light for you to use...

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DUF 2019 “40th Anniversary” – Campus Map, Classroom Assignments & Recital Schedule

Danzantes Unidos is honored to produce DUF 2019 Workshops on the beautiful Sunnyside HS campus, home of the Sunnyside Danzantes and located at 1019 S Peach Ave, Fresno, CA 93727.  Presented here are the Campus Map & Classroom Assignments, which are also incidentally, the order of presentation of classes for the DUF Recital on Sunday.  Please note that all information is subject to change and changes will be addressed at Opening Ceremonies at...

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