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DUF 2020 Spotlight on Maestra Susana Hinojosa

For over 40 years, Susana G. Hinojosa has dedicated her life to studying, performing and teaching Mexican folkloric dance. She began dancing as a young child and by the time she was a teen, became a member of the longest established folklorico dance ensemble, Danza Floricanto USA, directed by her mentor Gema Sandoval.  Floricanto, was the unique opportunity for dance internship and performance.  In 1980, Plaza de La Raza's School of Performing and...

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DUF 2020 Spotlight on Maestra Rosemarie Olais Pantoja – Folklorico 101

Rosemarie Olais Pantoja: Is a native Fresnoan who first began learning Folklorico through a City of Fresno Parks and Recreation class offered to the public. That class awakened a love for Folklorico that has stayed with her for forty-one years. At the end of that first class, try-outs were held for a local performing children’s group, Marisela's Dancers & Marimba taught by Marisela Saavedra.  Not only was it a performing folklorico group,...

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Maestra Spotlight: Amalia Viviana Basanta Hernandez at DUF 2020

Danzantes Unidos is delighted to welcome back the renowned Mexican Folklorico dancer and choreographer, Amalia Viviana Basanta Hernandez to DUF 2020.  Maestra Basanta Hernandez was born in Mexico City, the daughter of Mexican choreographer, Amalia Hernandez, and Argentine writer, Joaquin Basanta Crece.  She began her dance training at the age of five, studying classical ballet under Nellie Happee. At age thirteen, Ms. Basanta Hernandez joined the National Ballet of Mexico under the...

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