DUF 2020 Spotlight on Maestra Susana Hinojosa - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2020 Spotlight on Maestra Susana Hinojosa

For over 40 years, Susana G. Hinojosa has dedicated her life to studying, performing and teaching Mexican folkloric dance. She began dancing as a young child and by the time she was a teen, became a member of the longest established folklorico dance ensemble, Danza Floricanto USA, directed by her mentor Gema Sandoval

Floricanto, was the unique opportunity for dance internship and performance.  In 1980, Plaza de La Raza’s School of Performing and Visual Arts (SPVA) was initiated and she was a part of the primary group that founded it.  There, she studied under well-known performers and choreographers such as Rafael Zamarripa, artistic director of the “University of Colima” folkloric ensemble, as well as, Florencio Yescas, the master of Azteca dance form.  Emilio Pulido, Francisco Martinez and Loretta Livingston were also significant in the long list of her education in dance.

Susana’s love of performing blossomed into a passion for teaching and passing on the rich traditions of Mexican dance.  She began her long legacy as a folklorico instructor as a young adult, instructing Roosevelt High School’s “Alma Mestiza” named by and with the help and mentor Gema Sandoval.  Later, she initiated the pre-school folklorico group ages 3 to 6. These children represented the World of Dance/Arte Flamenco Studio in Alhambra. She also has given workshops, in El Paso, Texas for the Mariachi Craze Conference in 2006, Mt. Saint Marys College (at both the Chaelon campus and Downtown).  She was Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center’s instructor for 10 years for their tiny tots.

In 2006, Susana founded Inspiraciones de Danza Mexicana (Inspirations of Mexican Dance) with the intention of forming a cohesive group of youth who shared her passion for the colorful and exciting energy of this traditional dance form.  Inspiraciones includes enthusiastic talented young boys and girls who enjoy expressing the beauty, history and folklore that communities long to learn of and celebrate.  Inspiraciones performs dances of the many Mexican regions to delight audiences of all ages. Currently she teaches at newly acquired “Studio IDDM”, Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center, and St. Lukes Catholic School, Temple City and for the past fifteen years, has inspired both children and adults through her ongoing classes.

At DUF 2020

1st Grade: Jalisco, Sinaloa, Veracruz (int/adv)

(1) Costa Sinaloa “Los Aguacates” sole creation, learning skirt work, and footwork combo for girls.

(2) Veracruz ” El Tilingo Lingo a very common dance, used at many events, and easy to adapt to the region.

(3) Jalisco “El Verdadero Amor” author Juan Gabriel – as ode to his work, I created this dance, which show several foot work and skirt work ability with skirt work technique great for partner or single.

And if the class moves quickly, we will add bonus dance: (4) Jalisco “El Ausente” also sole creation for use of great zapateado and skirt work.

DUF 2020 “Unidos Por Nuestras Raices” will take place on April 3, 4 & 5 in Fresno, CA.

Late Registration continues through March 23, 2020

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