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DUF 2019 Occupy DUF and Parking

¡Bienvenidos Parents & Chaperones!  We know that you take care of your pollitos by setting up your canopies and areas of respite.  This year, we will have access to a park-like, grassy area OUTSIDE of the quad.

Space inside of the quad is very tight and for that reason your carpa’s and tents will be welcome in the area marked “Occupy DUF”.  We have been given the green light for you to use your BBQ’s if that’s where you are going.  Please be considerate that there are many groups wishing to use the space and that it will be cozy.

There are precious few stationary tables in the quad and once again, we ask that those be used by persons that are sitting to eat the meal which they purchased from a vendor and NOT for personal use by one single group.  In other words, finish your feast, clean up and move on.  There will be plenty of activity during the noon hour and you won’t want to miss it.  NO RESERVING PUBLIC SPACES.

We realize that most of you are NOT BBQ’ing and would really like to have a space for your canopy inside of the quad.  Our Production Team will meet onsite today and will post an updated map here if we can accommodate.


Regarding parking, please refer to this map.  There will be multiple events on campus on DUF Weekend (track met at the stadium & JV Tournament on the other end of campus).  We will simply co-exist in harmony.  If after our meeting today we can identify more parking, we will update this map.

Safe journey and be sure to decorate your vehicles with DUF signage.

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