DUF 2014 Mercado – Mega-Tianguis Folklorico - Danzantes Unidos®
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DUF 2014 Mercado – Mega-Tianguis Folklorico

It’s time to BUST open those cochinitos, because the DUF 2014 Mercado will have it all:  zapatillas, botines, dance wear, jewelery, headpieces and more.  Special thanks to Mercado Coordinator, Amber Valdez!




Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2014 “Honrando el pasado, creando el futuro” will take place on Aprill 11, 12 & 13 at Clovis West HS in Fresno, CA.  Over 1200 dancers have registered to date and will participate in workshops, concerts and the Mega-mega DUF Mercado!!  Break open those cochinitos because the DUF 2014 Mercado will have it all:  zapatillas, botines, dance wear, jewelery, headpieces and more.  Following is a list of confirmed vendors for your spending pleasure . . .

Soy Danzante- Traditional Aztec regalia, Instruments, and wholesale feathers

Folklor Mexicano- Folklórico costumes, accessories, and shoes

Artemex- Mexican blouses, bags, Dia de Los Muertos dolls, jewelry, magnets, Mexican themed prints and signs

Maldicion- T-shirts, posters, & stickers

Gladis Alejandre Artist- Paintings, prints, cell phone cases, head pieces, purses, clutches, wallets, scarfs, and t-shirts.

Inkza Hand Crafts- Handmade jewelry, clothes, accessories

Brenda Chavelas Designs- T-shirts, blouses, zapatos, botines, botas, jewelry, & dance accessories

Casa Folklorica – Folklórico costumes and accessories

Mii Camisa Folklorico Wear- Folklórico inspired screen print t-shirts, apparel, bags, art work, posters, prints, and stickers

NSRGNTS- T-shirts- dresses, earrings, and stickers

Expressions of Fresno- Folklórico shoes , boots, huaraches, guayabera shirts, handkerchiefs, hats, and accessories

Redondo Union H.S. World Language Club- Folklórico clothes, tote bags, fans, bandanas, base buns and jewelry

Karinas Dance Shoes- Folklórico shoes

Jara Jewelry- Lots of jewelry

Chicana Apparel- Chicano/Chicana art and culture

Artesania Huichol- Handmade Huichol Jewelery & more

Azteca Maestro- Azteca Drums

Crafts by Amistad- Great variety of items with Mexican/Chicano/Latino theme

Tradiciones Group- Huaraches, dance shoes, casual boots, rebozos, practice skirts, and costume production (to be promoted)

A Button As Cute As You- Photo booth

Ballet Folklórico Raices Mexicanas de Maria Valdovinos- Folklórico shoes, boots, braids, outfits, bracelets, shirts, totes, and practice skirts

Food Vendors:

Casa de tamales- MEChA

Tacos- Aguilas de Oro

Oaxaca’s restaurant- Aguilas de Oro

Lolo’s Hawaiian shaved ice- Pep and cheer

Hot links – Hmong club

Chicken bowls- AVID

Dominions Pizza – ASU

Coctel de Fruita & Elotes- CW Babe Ruth/ Cal Ripken Club

Dutch Bros- Class of 2017

Jamba Juice- Class of 2017

Marble Slab Creamery- Hip Hop Club

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  • MRT

    10.04.2014 at 22:12

    What are the hours of the mercado operation??what the address n location of the mercado??How long is each show time,per day? Do you pay for each show day? Is there a discount price if i purchase 2 or a 3day show dates?are there group discount?if so, how many are consider as Grp and what are the fees?

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