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Maestra Spotlight – Alicia Mendibles

Alicia Mendibles 2Maestra Alicia Mendibles is a third generation Mexican-American born and raised in Southern California. She started dancing at the age of eight. It was in the sixth grade that she began to form dance groups at her schools. She studied Mexican Folklorico under the direction Lily Aguilar and Maria Quiroz. She has shared the stage with many performers including: Linda Ronstadt, Lalo Guerrero, Mariachi Cobre, and Mariachi Sol de Mexico.

Alicia Mendibles 3Maestra Alicia envisioned a place where she could promote cultural pride and self-worth through the art of dance. From this dream, Ms.Alicia created the performing dance troupe Paso de Oro Dance Company in 1994. The dream flourished as she has produced thousands of performers and dancers over the years. Maestra Alicia represents the American born Mexican. She is dedicated to preserving the Mexican culture embracing current traditions and ideas established by Mexican-Americans who have culturally participated in United States since the 19th century. With courage, character and commitment, she takes pride in fusing the best of both her cultures.


At DUF 2017

“Sew Much Fun” Folklorico Sewing Class (Ages 14+)

Director & Designer Alicia Mendibles, Paso de Oro Dance Company; 5x winner of Best Costume Design Award leads you through “Sew Much Fun!” Learn to make costumes from pattern to sewing! Make a practice skirt in half the time! Learn sewing short cuts that will cut your work time in half. Sew smarter not harder. You will start from making your own pattern to having a finished piece: Jalisco blouse and a practice skirt.

Please bring: portable sewing machine; 15 yds of 50/50 poly/cotton fabric; broadcloth (for blouse and skirt); trim for blouse: 3 ribbon colors 1 inch wide–5 yds each; 3 ribbon colors 5/8 wide–10 yds each; 10 yds of 1 1/2 wide flat ribbon 20 inch zipper or one yard of velcro; trim for practice skirt: 1 inch ribbon 12 yds, tools for patterns: pencils, tailor chalk set of patterns; weights; measuring tape; scissors for fabric; scissors for paper; tracing wheel; stapler and staples; 18 inch clear ruler; seam ripper; markers: black, red, green and blue.

Space-permitting*, group directors registering more than six members, qualify for a ‘free pass’ to attend this class for themselves or a designated representative. It will be YOUR responsibility to contact [email protected] to obtain the pass code and *register for this class before it fills up.


DUF 2017 “Alma Indigena” will take place on April 7, 8 & 9 in Fresno, CA.

$ave on registration fees by enrolling early!

Early Registration now through 12/20/16

Regular Registration 12/21/16 through 2/8/17

Late Registration 2/9/17 through 3/30/17





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