Maestro Spotlight: Christopher Sandoval - Danzantes Unidos®
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Maestro Spotlight: Christopher Sandoval

For the past two years, Christopher Sandoval has invested himself into the South Texas public school system as an educator and Founder and Co-Director of Alvarez Elementary Folklorico Dance Academy in McAllen, TX.  In this role, he has continued to invoke innovation and imagination within traditional parameters to engage his students, staff, and audience; not just to preserve and promote danza Mexicana, but to use it as a proactive means to empower awareness and change in the community.

Prior to leaving for Texas, he was the Artistic Director of Danza Folklorica Puro Corazon in Buena Park, CA.  He also left his marks of leadership and preservation as founder of Ballet Folklorico de California State University, Fullerton and as a charter member of the Danzantes Unidos University Folklorico Summit planning committee. Danzantes Unidos is very proud to welcome Christopher back to California as DUF 2016 faculty.

At DUF 2016

Maestro Christopher will be teaching Repertorio: Guerrero Costa Chica, Michoacan Tierra Caliente, and Veracruz Jarocho. The class is for students between the ages 9-11 at beginning and intermediate level.

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