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Maestro Spotlight – Oscar Bustos

Screen Shot 2016 11 27 At 2 15 26 Pm2Oscar Bustos was born in 1995 on the weekend of the Danzantes Unidos Festival to a family of lifelong folkloristas. He has been dancing with Teocalli Cultural Academy for fifteen years, and teaching for the Academy for four years now. As an instructor, he has had an opportunity to teach at Washington Union (Easton) and Kings Cultural Center (Hanford), Sol de Valle (Merced), and Orosi High School (Orosi). He is also the assistant director for Grupo Folklórico de Kastner. During the Summer of 2014, he began his course work towards a Bachelor in Arts degree in Iguala, Guerrero at the Escuela Superior de Danza Folklórica and in the winter of 2016 he accepted the opportunity to travel to Mexico and perform with Wa-kushma, under the direction of Maestra Anel Alvarez, throughout Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, and Yucatan. Maestro Oscar Bustos continues his love for dance by teaching at Teocalli Cultural Academy.

At DUF 2017

Jr. High: Guerrero & San Luis Potosi (int/adv)

Guerrero: Maestro Oscar Bustos will be focusing on the area of Guerrero known as “Tierra Caliente”. Within the different genres of music that are well known through out what is Tierra Caliente you will find Corridos, Melodias Funebres, Chilenas, Marchas, Paso Dobles, Boleros, Rancheras, and of course what will be taught in class, Sones y Gustos. (Que te Vas, Son de Avellenada, La Gallinita). Teachings are based on repertoire from Maestra Orquidea Figueroa.

San Luis Potosi: We will also be focusing on dances from the huasteco dances from San Luis Potosi (La Viuda, Mi Chatita, La Malaguena). Teachings are based on repertoire from Maestra Lorely Copado.


DUF 2017 “Alma Indigena” will take place on April 7, 8 & 9 in Fresno, CA.

$ave on registration fees by enrolling early!

Early Registration now through 12/20/16

Regular Registration 12/21/16 through 2/8/17

Late Registration 2/9/17 through 3/30/17





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