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DUF 2016 Enrollment Confirmation

Congratulations DUF’ers on being among the One Thousand Five-Hundred on THIS side of a SOLD OUT Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo”–first-time ever and with record breaking speed.

First order of business . . .

Please check your group enrollment confirmation. If you are missing a dancer or have someone on your list that is not part of your group, please direct a message and all other queries to [email protected] . Class change requests should be made at Onsite Registration, and be advised that with all classes near capacity, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to do so.

A valid School ID or copy of birth certificate will be required for every registrant–5th grade and up–to show proof of eligibility for the class in which they are registered before entering classroom.


Immediate Action Item – please respond with Name of Group Rep & ETA

ONE designated group representative may pick up your Group Registration Packet on either of the times listed below. We hope that you can appreciate that we are doing all we can to better prepare for your arrival. From your Enrollment Confirmation email, hit “reply all” & pick one option to let us know WHO will be authorized to pick up your Registration Packet and when they will arrive. Note: Showcase Concert I starts at 6:00pm and your group will need their tickets/badges to access the theater. Please select a person that will be the most likely to arrive early if you intend to watch the show.


c  Friday, March 18 at 4:30pm at Ingalls Auditorium Lobby at the East Los Angeles College Campus, 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA

c   Friday, March 18 at 5:30pm at Ingalls Auditorium Lobby at the East Los Angeles College Campus, 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA

c   Friday, March 18 at 6:30pm at Ingalls Auditorium Lobby at the East Los Angeles College Campus, 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA

c  Saturday, March 19 at 7:30am at Esteban E. Torres High School, 4211 Dozier Street, Los Angeles, CA.



It is not fair to the persons that registered early for the class of their choice.  Please DO NOT ask the Maestro or Maestra for permission to let you into their class.  They are also bound by contract and DO NOT have that authority.  All class change requests must be vetted through Onsite Registration and with near maximum capacity it is highly unlikely that many class changes will occur this year.  It’s all part of the tremendous growth of the event.  Your EARLY registration helps us to better plan each year.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Street parking is available at both venues. Please follow directions for parking in parking structures including payment of fees if required.

East Los Angeles College: Parking structure at Floral & Collegian.

Esteban E. Torres HS: Underground TANDEM parking on Marianna & Dozier.

Visit and download the pdf version of the Schedule of Events.


Click on the link to learn more about Occupy DUF Guidelines

Occupy DUF 2016

DUF 2016 Occupy DUF Guidelines

DUF Mercado – Deadline extended to March 17, 2016

WE ARE ACTIVELY RECRUITING FOOD VENDORS to feed the over 1500 hungry mouths at lunchtime. Please share this link with your favorite food vendor: DUF Mercado Vendor Application .  The deadline has been extended to March 15, 2016, but the school district would like to see your certificates yesterday. Mil gracias.

An invitation for Collegiate Folklorico Companies . . .

Please join us for the University Folklorico Summit Meet & Greet during lunch hour at DUF 2016.  We are requesting that your Leadership Unit or (2) Group Representatives join us for a timed discussion and lunch.  For us to place the food order, we will need to have your RSVP by March 17.  Please click here to begin that process. – UFS Luncheon RSVP


A Call for Registered Dancers to Serve as Class Liaison for your Maestro

Once again, transition year challenges may yield promising good fortune.  We are short this year on Classroom Liaisons and are tapping experienced DUF’ers to step forward and lend a hand.

What is required?  You must be 16+ years of age.  You must be reliable and have your own transportation.  You must be an experienced DUF’er.  An early start on Saturday morning to pick-up the portable speaker for the class; from Opening Ceremonies lead your class to the classroom (like a tour-guide, with a hand-held sign which we provide); from the classroom door, check all badges and text message our bouncers to remove those who don’t belong; generally ensure that all is in order in the classroom; an early start on Sunday to once again, check badges; assist the Maestro with lining up the class for the DUF Recital.

What are the perks?  Our deepest gratitude.  OK, if that doesn’t cut it, read on:  A bonus shirt of a different color.  A bonus badge of a different color (like a deputy). Lunch with Maestros on Saturday & Sunday (this alone might be worth the early start). A handshake and official DUF Photo with your Maestro for our photo album.

If you are in town, we have a Liaison Orientation scheduled at Esteban E. Torres High School, 4211 Dozier Street, Los Angeles, CA at 3:00pm.  Please check-in at main lobby.

We regret that we can only accept one Liaison per class.  Will it be YOU?  Please apply today at:  DUF 2016 Liaison Application


All This And More at DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo”

Let the festival begin!! Each year we look forward to revealing all the many details about the Danzantes Unidos Festival and we have taken the time to blog about each.


DUF Stats:

Who Is Coming to DUF 2016

Who Is Teaching at DUF 2016


Things That You Will NOT Want To Miss At DUF 2016:

#10           DUF 2016 ¡PACHANGA! with DJ Hex & “Latin Gold”

#9            DUF 2016 Fandango – FREE for Families & Friends

#8            “Sew Much Fun” – FREE Class for Parents & Chaperones

#7            DUF 2016 Showcase Concerts

#6            “Hair & Makeup” – FREE Class for Parents & Chaperones

#5            “Folklorico Media” – FREE Class for Parents & Chaperones PLUS Bonus Friday Class

#4            DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo” Artwork Come To Life

#3            Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum at DUF 2016 Stay tuned for directions on how to access*

#2            “Tlaxcala” with Omar Quezada – FREE Friday Bonus Class for Directors

#1            “Master Class” with Viviana Basanta – FREE Friday Bonus Class for Directors

*We are very pleased to announce that the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum will be live-casting from DUF 2016 Workshops Saturday & Sunday and from the Showcase Concert on Sunday, only.  Sunday’s entire Showcase Concert will be uploaded to their site and available to share from the Virtual Museum.  Stay tuned for directions and access link to share with your family and friends around the world!

Parents, Chaperones, Guests and all other Non-registrants

We truly welcome you to come and visit us, peruse the Mercado, enjoy activities at the Parent Pavilion and take the free classes. However . . . this year, EVERYONE on campus must register at the entrance with a valid ID & signature to receive a Visitor Pass. This is for the protection of your students and all minors and we look forward to your cooperation.

We have set up an online RSVP here:  FASTtrack

Opening Ceremonies on Saturday, March 18 begin at 8:30am.  The capacity of the venue for Opening Ceremonies is 1500 and we have 1500 registrants.  Therefore, only registrants with badges will be allowed seating in the Opening Ceremonies.  There will be an Orientation for Parents, Chaperones, Guests and all other Non-registrants at the same time in the ETHS Auditorium while the students prepare to divide into classes.

FREE classes @ DUF 2016

Master Classes begin on Friday, March 18 from 11am to 2pm, (locations tba by cell text).

Classes for Parents & Chaperones begin on Saturday, at 9am through Sunday until 11am. You must be nominated by your group director to participate.

Eligible participants must preregister by Thursday, March 17, midnight.


DUF Tienda Sales Orders

DUF Tienda Sales have been extended through March 17th.  This is your last chance to purchase your reduced rate Pachanga ticket.  If you ordered sales items via our DUF Tienda, all purchases must be picked up in person.  Your orders will be in your Group Packets and independent sales will be held at DUF Sales “will call”.  Details are right on our Tienda page: DUF Tienda


Food Sales @ DUF 2016 – We need your help, please!

Venue transitions are complicated enough without half the drama we faced earlier this year. Consequently, our food vendor situation is in dire straits. We are actively pushing for legit food vendors that wish to make alot of money this weekend, to come forward and register for a food booth by the March 15 deadline. We have found an insurance company that will charge $39 for the certificate to cover the LAUSD requirement of $2M per vendor. So, money invested is not an issue. We just don’t know the area well enough to go after the vendors that can help us to feed 1500 hungry dancers and their families. So, long/short, if you know of any reliable food vendors, with delicious offerings, please make them hip to our event and point them to our website Mercado portal. March 15th is the last day! They can also contact our Mercado Coordinators, Amber Valdez (559) 349-0723 or Andrea Hernandez (510) 506-8528. Thanks for your help. DUF Mercado Vendor Application

Nearby Place to Eat– download the pdf compiled by our Hospitality Chair, Maria Lares.


What should I bring to DUF Workshops? (Directors/Parents: please share with your students)

  • 5th grade classes and up—a valid School ID or copy of birth certificate will be required to show proof of eligibility before entering class room.
  • For minors, a signed copy of the Waiver & Release.  Download here: DUF 2016 WAR Minors
  • Bring your dance bag and all your belongings clearly labeled.
  • Please leave your valuables at home as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Be sure to include your dance shoes, practice skirt, notebook and only water or clear beverage.
  • Sodas, colored beverages, gum, food of any kind are not permitted in class.
  • Cell phones and all other recording devices and noisemakers must be turned OFF & PUT AWAY in your dance bag during class. Your Maestra(o) will tell you when you may film/video in class.

Bring a great attitude and ganas to step out of your comfort zone and group cliques to meet new people and make new friends.

Be respectful of your Maestro(a) . Our DUF Staff and Liaisons are all volunteers and here to help and must also count on your cooperation.

And finally, bring gratitude and thankfulness for having wonderful parents and directors who saw to it that you are one of 1500 folklorico nuts to attend the SuperBowl of Folklorico –Danzantes Unidos Festival DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo”! #DUF2LA #DUFready


Please stay tuned to our DU blog postings www.danzantes.org/blog for all the latest updates.


¡Bienvenidos a DUF 2016 “El Corazon del Pueblo”!



Maria Luisa Colmenarez

Executive Director, Danzantes Unidos

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